What We Do

At MMG we provide tailored advice covering all areas of financial planning, wealth management and protection.

Financial planning gives a clear structure to why you are saving and investing. By setting goals as to what you want to achieve out of life and defining the type of lifestyle you want to live, you can ensure your finances are in the best shape to help you get there.

Our mission is to ensure that our client’s pensions and investments are in the best performing funds available in the market place.

The crux of any investment is where the money is invested, and we provide our clients with a platform that gives them access to over 4,000 funds in the market place.

This, coupled with guidance from the MMG Investment Committee, aims to ensure that our client’s investments are in the best performing funds whilst remaining aligned with their attitude to risk.


Retirement is one of the most important lifestyle changes anyone experiences and ensuring security in later life needs careful planning. A pension is a tax efficient way of providing an income, and potentially a lump sum, for your retirement.

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There are a range of pension solutions available to suit a variety of needs; getting it wrong can be expensive and result in a much lower return in retirement. Our advisers can carry out a full review of your existing pension plans and provide advice with regards to your best options going forward.

Savings & Investments

Successful investing is all about choosing the funds to suit your goals, attitude to risk and personal circumstances. To help make that decision easier, MMG can guide you through a range of fund choices to suit investors of all experience levels.

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Our team of investment experts can recommend the appropriate investments in order to help you meet your current needs and future objectives. We can find tax-efficient investments for a number of purposes, including:

• Financial independence
• School fees planning
• Income for retirement
• Supplement to regular monthly income
• Potential long-term capital growth
• Reducing your income tax bill

Inheritance Tax Planning

More and more people are becoming liable to Inheritance Tax (IHT). Even with the effective doubling of the IHT threshold for married couples (and civil partnerships) many people are still being affected by this tax.

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IHT is no longer a concern just for the wealthy. It is a growing worry for many people, especially homeowners who have benefited from growth in the value of their properties. Property is not the only asset that makes up a person’s estate. For example, your estate also includes your contents and possessions, your savings and investments and any life insurance policies that you may have that are not in a trust.

Over the years, the IHT threshold, known as the nil rate band, has not kept pace with property inflation and as such, more and more people are falling into the trap of paying IHT. IHT is payable at a flat rate of 40% on assets above the nil rate band. Unlike many other taxes though, there are plenty of things you can do now to make sure you pass as much of your wealth on to your family and friends, and not the taxman.


The foundation to any financial planning is protection. Once you have protected you and your family against the financial consequences of death, critical illness or long-term ill health, you will have peace of mind to know that whatever life throws at you, you will be able to cope financially. This also applies to business owners, to ensure that the business can continue to run if you were to die or become ill.

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We have a great deal of experience in this area and by thoroughly reviewing your current provision and circumstances we can highlight any shortfalls you may have. We take time with each of our clients to understand their specific needs before we make recommendations and we provide protection expertise which will help reduce the impact of financial worries at a difficult time. We can research your requirements with third party providers and ensure that the quotes you get are the best available on the market.

Good financial advice can future proof your family or business by providing security and peace of mind in knowing that you are protected if the worst-case scenario happens.

Additional Services

We specialise in giving advice on the following products:

Pension transfers | SIPPs | Auto Enrolment | Wealth Management | ISA’s | Venture Capital Trusts | Enterprise Investment Schemes | Life and Critical Illness Cover | Keyman Cover | Shareholder Protection | Income Protection | Mortgages | Discounted Gift Trusts | Wealth Preservation Trusts | Long term care annuities | Equity Release